"Listen to me, your body is not a temple. Temples can be destroyed and desecrated. Your body is a forest—thick canopies of maple trees and sweet scented wildflowers sprouting in the under wood. You will grow back, over and over, no matter how badly you are devastated."

— Beau Taplin 

Why Breathwork?

The reason breathwork is so transformative is because it involves your WHOLE body. Not only do you get the benefit of a meditative state, but also get the physiological benefits of including your body in the healing.

When we have difficulties of the body, mind or spirit we cannot heal without acknowledging that those difficulties--from trauma to illness--can be found at the cellular level all over the body.

Breathwork is amazing for the immune system, your mood, increasing your intuition, and helps with a wide array of physical symptoms from brain fog, lymphatic system issues, to energy, hormones and skin issues.

Breathwork 101

Breathwork practices can be done just like a meditation practice! We have specialized breathwork recordings that will help with:

  • stress relief
  • processing physical and emotional trauma
  • boosting your immune system to help with chronic illness
  • help with autoimmune symptoms
  • create a better mood
  • pump your lymphatic system
  • balance your hormones
  • access altered states
  • help process trauma
  • and more!

Some of the recordings are 10 min long and some are 30+ min so they are easy to work into your schedule. They are also great to do as a family! Children who learn breathwork learn how to regulate their emotions.

Change your Physiology

Change your Life

Everything that we do from our thoughts, to the decisions we make in a day, to who we spend time with is dictated by our own self-worth and our own physiology. Breathwork changes the way our body functions on a cellular level which alters the very core of who we are!

With a breathwork practice you make visible changes to your well being on a fundamental level which lead to massive shifts in you day to day life.

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